Kyrgyzstan is a country of great natural beauty and nomadic traditions. These traditions lead Kyrgyzstan to revolt against the Tsarist Empire and in return for this 1/6 of the population was killed. In 1936 Kyrgyzstan was annexed by the Soviet Union and received it’s independence from the USSR when it fell in 1991. After this event Kyrgyzstan became a democracy and had elections. After the 2005 elections the President at the time manipulated the parliament to attain more power to his office and began to act as more of a dictator. He was overthrown in 2010 and the acting president is Roza Otunbayeva.

Economically Kyrgyzstan is a relatively poor area. A huge portion of the economy it taken up by the agricultural sector. Cotton, tobacco, wool, and meat are some of the most important products to the country. The main export of Kyrgyzstan is gold. The income of the government has fallen dramatically when the worldwide prices of gold has fallen. The gold mine at Kumtor.The government also has attempted to reform the tax collection system in recent years and they are also devoting capital to making the country more attractive to foreign investors.


Population: 5,508,626

Capital: Bishkek

Language: Kyrgyz 64.7%, Uzbek 13.6%, Russian 12.5%, Dungan 1.1%, Ukrainian 1%, Uighur 1%, other 5.7%

Religion: Muslim 75%, Russian Orthodox 20%, other 5%

Information from the CIA World Factbook

Lesson Plans for Teachers – Lesson plan on teaching kids about bride kidnapping. For grades 7-12. this website features some children’s books and other sources for learning about Kyrgyzstan. This lesson plan provided by the University of Texas provides activities for 6th graders and has them constructing maps and other cultural objects from Kyrgyzstan.

Basic Information

This site has information on Kyrgyz Government Institutions.

Human Rights Watch

Kyrgyzstan’s Law Codes This UNC website has information about Kyrgyzstan that would be useful undergraduate students. This site has more historical information then the CIA site but the CIA site had several numbers that could be useful.

Summary of the history of the US Base at Manas

University of Texas This website features a vast amount of information on almost all aspects of Kyrgyzstan.

World Bank information on Kyrgyzstan

World Health Organization on Kyrgyzstan


Brief Snapshot of Kyrgyz Culture

5 different sections of Kyrgyzstan’s Culture

Kyrgyz food

Kyrgyz Carpets

Music of Kyrgyzstan


Confusion Reigns After Fresh Violence in Kyrgyzstan – November 30, 2010

Eurasianet has many news article pertaining to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s Unjust Courtrooms – October 18, 2010

Manas Fuel Contractors Have Fuzzy Ties with Local Firms – December 1, 2010 The riots in Kyrgyzstan in April 2010 are explained here. The timeline provided here gives a long overview of the history of Kyrgyzstan, providing good information and dates on important events.



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