Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia that is situated between Russia and China. This area had been very important to the USSR. It was a part of a program that featured many ethnic Russians moving to the area and settling the northern areas of Kazakhstan to cultivate their pastures. After Kazakhstan got its independence in 1991 many of these Russians emigrated from the area back to the USSR. This area has a history of recent political stability and it is a republic. The country has three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch is very weak and has virtually no power, the legislative branch is the aspect with the most power.

Kazakhstan’s economy is the larger then all of the economies in Central Asia combined. Kazakhstan has a very large pool of natural resources. These resources include oil, other fossil fuels, and many metals. The industrial sector is focused on the extraction and processing of these materials. Kazakhstan is highly dependent on the oil industry for it’s income and this area has some of the largest oil fields in the world. They are using their capital to diversify their economy so they are not as dependent on oil, gas, and mining. They also want to encourage cooperation with their neighboring states and become more competitive with foreign powers.


Population: 15,460,484

Capital: Astana

Language: Kazakh 64.4%, Russian 95%

Religion: Muslim 47%, Russian Orthodox 44%, Protestant 2%, other 7%

Information from the CIA World Factbook

Lesson plans:

Environmental Lesson– This website is a lesson plan that focuses on the Aral Sea and the environmental problems it is facing.

105 Kazakh lesson plans– This is a search engine of lesson plans that have something to do with Kazakhstan.


A commentary on the influence of Russia on recent affairs.

http://www.neweurasia.net/culture-and-history/girls-in-burqas/ An article on the recent influence of Islamic dress in Kazakhstan.

New York Times database of Kazakhstan news

Poor water conditions in Kazakhstan

Wikileaks cables on Kazakhstan


Culture of Kazakhstan

Food of Kazakhstan


Tourism in Kazakhstan, a website that helps visitors make plans to visit.


Eurasianet has many news articles from Kazakhstan

Human Rights Watch

The Kazakhstan Embassy website has a lot of information about the nation.

Law Codes of Kazakhstan

Official website on Kazakh mission to the United Nations

President of Kazakhstan– This is the official website of the President of Kazakhstan.

University of Texas This center at UT has a vast amount of information on Kazakhstan on virtually every topic.

International Organizations:

OSCE in Kazakhstan

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty news on Kazakhstan

UNICEF in Kazakhstan

United Nations Development Program in Kazakhstan

USAID in Kazakhstan


Website that compiles videos that are about Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Women in the Gulags This link goes to a video that shows how Kazakh women were taken by the Soviets and thrown into gulags just for being married to political dissidents.

In Russian:

Website about freedom of internet in Kazakhstan


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